Thursday, April 17, 2008

Supreme Decision

I was panting away on the elliptical machine with Dire Straits waxing philosophical about Romeo & Juliet in my head when my attention was captured by the Fox News subtitles.  Seems two talking heads were debating the constitutionality of banning anorexic and bulimic websites, should we consider to take France's lead in the matter.  

The websites teach young people how to starve themselves and glorify skeletal thinness.  (Sick!)  One point was made that assisted suicide is illegal here in the States, and these websites are akin to providing recipes for death.  They started showing pictures, so I "lost interest" and my mind wandered back to moving refrigerators and getting my chicks for free (I'm too cheap to pay, btw).  

A while later, my eyes floated back up to the tv and they were announcing the Supreme Court decision that verified lethal injection is not cruel and unusual punishment.  Well, I had to pause the 80's music right then and there.  The disconnect in my head was creating a vortex.

So, people who want to die, can't get help doing it because assisted suicide is illegal.  But, people who don't want to die (heinous crimes aside), are legally assisted in their journey to death.  


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