Monday, April 9, 2012

Hunger Games

So, now I've been classified as a "hater" because I don't want to be entertained by the trendy movie "everyone" is dying to see. Seriously? I'm a "hater" because I don't want to be entertained like others want to be entertained?

Let's get it straight: I am not a Hunger Games "hater."

I just have a problem with the portrayal of children being randomly selected to kill other children. It's a personal issue, and I totally take it for that. I know the story and context and the horrendous fact that we already living it! Hello, sweatshops, kids drafted into wars, and children working and living in deplorable conditions throughout the world, anyone?  There's a reason we buy Fair Trade.

Our society could get worse if we don't watch out. That's why the "Hunger Games" and other examples of this type of fiction are so important! These themes are vital to our continued advancement as a society. I'm jazzed by the kids who are totally getting the message of these books and the movie. They should! They need to!

But, please, just because I have a problem with the way the themes are portrayed, don't call me a "hater." I simply have a different point of view about what I can personally handle in the fiction I read and see. There are a ton of great books I'll never read because I need peace in my psyche more than I need visions in my head.

Some of us are more sensitive than others to certain issues. I don't hate the Hunger Games, I just don't want to read the books or see the movie. It's a preference not a political stance.