Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back After Summer Break, and Scared for the USA!

Well, here I am back after a lovely summer break...

And, I'm scared.

I'm scared for our country.  I see the protests in Greece and the rioting in London and I wonder when we'll sink to that level.  We're on our way there, you know.  

Here's the problem: government cannot support people, only people can support people.  Programs can't be the answer, people have to be the answer.  

We have trained a generation of workers here, and for a longer time in more Socialized Europe, that you don't need to strive, or work hard or worry about falling through the cracks because the government will support you.  They will "come along side" you and offer a hand up.  Only problem is that "hand up" turns into a "hand out" and pretty soon a temporary safety net turns into a permanent benefit.  And that permanent benefit morphs into a "right" and then, near the end of it all, when people feel their "rights" are being taken away from them, they fight back.

That's what's going on in Europe.  That's what's going to happen here.

There is no way to prepare for it.  Our politicians are useless.  Both sides of the aisle proved that when they threw the needs the United States as a whole into the trash bin and got us a AA+ credit rating, the first time in history the USA hasn't been a AAA+.

The Dow is falling.  Again.  Any gains yesterday were lost today.  Minutes to the bell and it's down 500 pts.  Your IRA and 401K and stocks are worth less and may soon be worthless.

I have friends hoarding food.  I have friends burying ammunition on their property.  I have other friends screaming for union rights and socialized medicine.  I think the grocery stashers and arsenal diggers may be more sane than my Liberal friends who can't seem to see reality no matter how clearly it's spelled out for them.  I am ceasing to feel sorry for my Liberal friends, whom I truly love, I really do (!!) but they are beyond misguided...they are blind.

Even an agenda-pushing press can't sugarcoat what's happening.  Liberal Socialist policies cannot work.  People have to work!

So, I'm scared and waiting.  Waiting to see where it hits here first.