Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Speech is Dead on College Campuses!

Click Here: Banning Conservative Speech, But Not "Free Speech!" Harumph!

Check out this link above.  You will amazed at the double standard on our college campuses!  The kids and profs rally to sign a petition banning conservative talk show hosts while proclaiming they support Free Speech.

Many of us have been saying this for a long time, that this is what students are being taught: Free Speech is only acceptable when it's "approved" speech.  Differing points of view are simply not recognized as Free Speech.

Liberal points of view are the only acceptable Free Speech allowed, and anything that goes against Liberal thinking is not only wrong, but should be banned.

We are headed down a very sad road.  I'm sorry to say that the Thought Police have grown generations of intolerant Liberals.

Conservatives have a simple view: build up their fellow man.  Liberals have a simple view: prop up their fellow man.

Now, why must we ban Conservatives who wish to promote self-worth in our fellow man through hard work and ability to succeed?  

I wish more people understood the "teach a man to fish vs. give a man a fish" proverb.  We really would make this country great if we lived by this.  And in doing so, we would have ample resources to share with the world, and then build them up as well.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mucking Things Up!

Economists Timothy Conley and Bill Dupor are out with a study on the impact of Obama's $800B Stimulus Package.

Results in a nutshell: The pkg created or saved 450,000 government jobs, and forestalled or destroyed 1,000,000 private sector jobs.

Have you read Ayn Rand lately?

We are headed down a path of destruction for this country if we continue to hire people in the public arena and don't foster job growth in private industry.  

The Department of Labor noted that 244,000 jobs were created in March 2011.  The Meeedia (and I use that term with much sarcasm) called it "surprising strong" and "better than expected."  HA!  Robert Reich the noted economist has said that the US needs to add 300,000 jobs every month for five years (that's 5 yrs!) just to get unemployment under 6%.

The problem is that Americans need to look at facts not talking points.  We need to look at numbers not politician's smiling faces.  We need to look at statistics and real data not simply tow our political lines.

I am disgusted with BOTH parties right now, Republican and Democrat because the politicians' focus is on their mirrors not on us average Americans!

We need MORE than a Tea Party movement.  We need a Bi-Partisan Movement Enacting Term Limits to get these career politicians out of their plush arrangements and get some real workers in there to do what's best for ALL of us!

Unfortunately, they keep us at war with one another to distract us into thinking we need to WIN!  We have to beat the other side.  Our side is best!  Our side rules!  We won the election!  We're on the winning team!

But, it's just distraction.  So, we don't see what their left hands are doing.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Anna's class for our homeschool co-op was to be on stage to sing a song.

Anna: I have stage fright, I'm not going to do it.
Me: Oh, mommy and daddy will be disappointed not to be proud of you on stage. (Yes, parental manipulation!)
Anna: Well, maybe I could close my eyes.
Me: That sounds like a good idea.  You do it if you want to.  (If I manipulate them into something, I always offer an out.)

So, she was up on stage last night singing her song.  And, we were proud parents.  Who forgot the camera, but took pictures in our minds.