Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Every 7 Years

It happened again today, the white tunnel light that eclipses my vision.  Fortunately it was only in my left eye this time.  

Last time I had this migraine episode  (as it was diagnosed in the emergency room) was 7 years ago in Los Altos.  I was having a perfectly lovely lunch with Sis, Hubby and our new baby when I believed I was having a stroke.  I thought, "Oh, great, my life is super, I've got everything I want, and now it's all going away in a flash."  Of course, when you're looking at the world through a strobe light you think you're on your death bed.

Hubby drove me to the emergency room, and while they hooked me up to various monitors, he sat in the waiting room with our newborn.  I was breastfeeding, so he didn't even have formula for her.  This is the great part about being in a hospital: they let him take her up to the maternity ward where they filled our diaper bag with readymade formula, bottles, and diapers.  Talk about a haul!  When I saw my fam again, and was grateful to have nothing more than an inconvenient headache, I was totally psyched by the nursery booty!  Every mom knows how expensive and totally easy that ready-to-drink formula is.

Anyway, it was unnerving to again today have that white light return.  At first I thought I'd stared outside too long and captured a ghost of the reflecting sun on a car window or something.  But, the tunnel shape persisted, so I knew what it was.  The light is gone now, but I'm shaky, panicky and glad to be stuck at home.  (We're down to one car because my car broke down on the way to school this a.m.  God answered my fervent prayer to make it to Apex Autoworks before it quit completely, so that was a huge blessing.)

I hope it takes another 7 years before this happens again.  My blessings to the people in my life--mom, sis, mom-in-law--who suffer from real and consistent migraines.  What a cross to bear!

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kris said...

So sorry Cat--I'm praying for you.