Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, Hubby and I went to see Ben Stein’s new doc, “Expelled.” 

One word: BRILLIANT!

This is a must-see movie.  It will make you think, it will make you laugh, and it will scare the tater tots out of you.

The film basically shows how Darwinism has overtaken the world’s scientific community to an almost fanatic level.  Scientists who question the validity of evolution are “expelled” from the society.  Those foolish enough to mention Intelligent Design (ID), let alone Creationism, are fired, blacklisted, denied tenure, sent threatening emails, you name it, he or she endures it.

Ben Stein is typical Ben Stein, traipsing around Paris or Seattle with his trademark suit, tie, and tennis shoes.  He is witty, direct and refreshingly humble.  He probes the world’s greatest minds with respect and unwavering purpose to seek out their viewpoints.  They are surprisingly and sometimes frighteningly candid (depending upon which side of the debate you raise your flag).

Throughout the film there is Ben Stein’s dry humor and drier voice, making you believe for tiny bits of time that you’re just watching another show on Comedy Central.  A quick laugh, then wham!, he hits you with reality: how this debate ultimately affects our society and the attitudes of the next generation.

If you think you’ve got it covered, if you think you’re cool with your own position on the matter and you don’t need this movie, THINK AGAIN.  Ben Stein manages to expose some unbelievable truths that will rock the ground you feel firm standing upon.

Go see this movie.  Get rocked.  


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