Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Good Read

So, I was reading Hubby's Car & Driver magazine...for the articles, I swear!  

I know, I know, you're thinking Car & Driver?!?  Yes, Car & Driver.  Not because I'm a car aficionado like Hubby, who can spit out platform, torque and horsepower info like some guys parrot baseball stats, but because the writing is truly top notch.  I'm not joking.

Some tasty bites that keep me coming back for more (and these are merely good ones I could quickly find to add here, not the gems that send me running from the bathroom, jumping up and down, and waving the magazine excitedly between Hubby and his morning cup):
  1. After you see a piano fall off the balcony, you never again sit easy in the first row.
  2. ...all tucked in and combed out like a Kindergartner on the first day of school.
  3. Rolls-Royce...continues its glamourous and flamboyant traditions--big and bazoomy, yet somehow stately, even while knocking over a cocktail table or two during a flashy entrance.
  4. The lights went dim in GM's rear-wheel drive department about the time Saddam Hussein took over Iraq.  It's been hell in a hatbox ever since.
  5. ...was a long black purring, floating, unhurried, unstoppable six-volt time traveler from the Tommy Dorsey era.
  6. Glaciers that were ducking and running from Southern California about two million years ago left behind a deep thumbprint in the jagged desert backcountry...
  7. My how you've grown, Accord!  You were just a cute little three-door when you were born.  Now you're 32 and crowding the ends of the garage.
  8. The elasticity of "all new" gets a test here, as Ford stretches the words to surround this large font-drive sedan, known previously as the Five Hundred.
The writers are writers first, then car guys.  They play with words and stories like puppeteers guiding the show, titillating the audience with disconnects, onomatopoeia, alliteration and down-right clever verbiage.

Pick up your own copy and enjoy what these guys can do unleashed with a laptop and the English language.  You'll especially adore the editor's responses to letters.  

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