Monday, March 21, 2011

Pig Farms...Again.

So, the notion of us owning a pig farm came up again.  It's simultaneously the absolute silliest and most sane thing I can think of!


We are blessed with a great life, but one of the hardest things is deciding what to do when we grow up.  

I'm tired of the corporate games and the mazes my husband has to navigate to bring home a paycheck.  It's really outlandish, and I serioiusly think that Middle Schoolers are more mature than most people in Corporate America. 

I have found this to be true at many jobs I've had through my various careers.  Your work experience will be singularly dictated by the Emotional IQ of your manger and fellow workers.  Sure, HR can help you out and there are legal boundaries in which everyone must remain.  Still, the psychological level of your boss and coworkers will almost solely determine the quality of your work week.

Ever worked for a boss who has a chip on her shoulder?  Ever worked with anyone who would throw you under a bus to save their own skin?  

Similarly, the good exists, yes, the people who make our lives better and we're proud and happy to call them our managers, our colleagues and our friends.  They make work fun. 

But, people don't stay in one place very long.  They move up, they move on.  As my husband says upon losing such great synchronicity: "It was a fair time."  And, yes indeed it was.  But it's over, and we have to meet new fellow employees.

So, the subject of pig farms came up again yesterday.  It's just a thought.



Staceemaree said...

My daughter & her husband studied Nuclear Engineering in the Navy. Then they moved to TX to run a goat & poultry farm. Happiness is where you find it, not where they tell you it is. :)

cat said...

Staceemaree, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! That's just what I need to hear. LUV YA!