Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Islam Means Fear

First, let me say that I respect other cultures and religions and I am following my Lord's lead in loving thy neighbor as thyself.  Jesus told us to do two things: Love God and Love People.  Simple, direct and not-so-easy to follow.

Okay, so that's my disclaimer.  I have disclaimed.

Now, let's get to it.  Here's my problem with Muslims.  It's not that they practice their religion.  I'm glad they are free to do so!  It's not that they worship Mohammed (though, I feel that's quite misguided given what we know about him).  I'm glad they are free to do so!  It's not that they want to remain in an enclave.  I'm glad they are free to do so! 

Nope, it's not any of those things.

Here's my problem: It's that they want to IMPOSE their religious views on me, and you, and everyone else on the planet.

But, say the Liberal minded, they're just like Christians.

No, no they aren't.

Christians proselytize, we mission, we share our religion with others and we speak out in a legal manner when we feel the need to exercise our freedom of speech. 

HOWEVER, we don't kill for Christ.  No one kills for Christ today, in modern society.  However, Muslims kill for Mohammed today, in modern society.  Muslims kill for not following their religious edicts properly.  Muslims kill for not adhering to Sharia Law.  Muslims kill non-believers.

But, say the Liberal minded, not ALL Muslims, just radical ones, like radical Christians.

Okay, let's break that down into two pieces.  First of all, quite FEWER Muslims are speaking out against the radicals than the number of radicals who are committing atrocities.  Very few Muslims will say that Sharia Law is wrong here in the US.  Very few Muslims will go against what is being preached to them in their Mosques.  They may or may not believe the radical teachings, but they stay silent while horrible crimes against humanity are committed.  We see it in the news everyday.  It's happening here in the US, and it's explosive in the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world.  

Christians speak out against fellow Christians doing wrong.  It's part of our our religion to do so.  We must, according to our religion, keep our brothers and sisters on the correct path.  It's our directive.  BUT, and here's where some Christians get off base: it's only for fellow Christians

Second, radical Muslims are not like radical Christians.  One or two nut jobs killing one or two abortion doctors cannot possibly be akin--FOR ANY REASONABLE MIND--to the vast multitudes slain by radical Muslims. 

Question, you will be put in a locked room filled with all sorts of weapons. Your hands and feet will be tied, but not those of your companion.  You can choose one of two mates: a "radical" Christian desiring to convert you, or a "radical" Muslim who knows you don't believe in Mohammed.  Choose.

How could anyone think that "radical" Christians are JUST LIKE "radical" Muslims?

When I see the pig farmer in Texas harrassed by the Islamic group who knowingly bought property next to him, but now claim that the pig farm is offensive to their Islamic religion, I fear for our society.  Because I know that the press will sympathize with the Muslims, and that will impact people's perceptions in a negative way against the pig farmer.  (Who has had a pig farm on that property for generations!)

When I see Canadian and US judges allowing the use of Sharia Law in their courts, I shudder.  This is insane!  To the US judges I say, have you NOT heard about separation of church and state?!

If rational minds do not prevail in these issues, then we are doomed.  I'm not saying we need to disallow peoples' right to practice their religion.  They are free to be Muslims in the US.  They are free to be Muslim.  They are free to practice Islam.  I'm merely saying we need to be careful.  Islam teaches to "convert and overtake, or kill and destroy," and that should scare the living pants off of any rational thinker in our society. 

Unfortunately, in the name of PC and Liberalism, it's usually the Christians who are demonized.

They say Islam means peace.  However, I say Islam means fear. 

They control with fear.  (If you don't agree with them, they'll threaten you, your children, your family.)  They overtake with fear.  (They move in and destroy good societies with threats, coercion and domination.)  They silence the rational minds in their own religion with fear.  (If you speak out you're not a true Muslim, and you're a non-believer subject to the punishment of Sharia Law.)  They keep the Liberals on their side with fear.  (Fear of not being "accepting" or PC enough, fear of being biased, and fear of being aligned with the most hideous of creatures known to a Liberal: "Christian white guys.")

Islam doesn't mean peace.  Islam means fear.  

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