Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unions Are Irrelevant

Dear Wisconsin Teachers' Union,

I would get on bended knee and thank God for the deal at which you all scoff! My husband is a contract worker, which means we get ZERO benefits. No vacation days. No health insurance. No pension or 401K matching. Zip.

Unions are irrelevant for white collar workers. In the old days they protected coal miners' and factory workers' lives. Today, they protect middle class pocketbooks.

Makes me sick when I write my $900.00 check each month for health insurance for my family.

Oh, and my husband's Great Uncle John L. Lewis was a national union figure and I can tell you that his goal was saving lives and improving coal miners' working conditions. Unions were noble then--it wasn't about padded pensions and luxury insurance plans.

Sincerely, Cat Lewis

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