Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cafeteria Christians

So my newly Reborn Virgin friend, we'll call her Sophia, confronted her boyfriend last week. Told him that she's taken the oath and won't be having sex until she's married. Seems the guy cut and run.

She's smiling as she telling me this--I just LOVE her!--and she says she keeps thinking about the part in my book where you're just supposed to say, "NEXT!" She's saying, "Next! next! next!" and nearly spilling her coffee she's so excited. The pain is there, yes, don't we ALL know that hurt? But, she's elated in her new found strength.

Here's the kicker: he's a Christian. A Christian man who won't give up casual sex, even when confronted by a fellow Christian. Hmmm...that's something to ponder for a while.

Too many Christians and other religious people are of the "cafeteria variety." By that I mean that they pick and choose the items they want to follow in their religion. No wonder atheists and agnostics have such an easy time slamming us. We don't even take our own religion seriously, so how can we expect it of others?

Unmarried single Christians who have casual or recreational sex are losing the loving and huge gift of abstinence from God. They don't understand the damage they are doing to themselves, their relationships and their children. It's sad that they don't have the support or knowledge that waiting for sex until marriage is a blessing. (Trust me, I KNOW this!)

What can I do to promote this? How can I reach more women and men who need to benefit from abstinence? I'm beginning a journey into the desert with this, and perhaps starting with the most needy: domestic violence and homeless victims. I'm tired of the brick walls I keep running into. There has to be a path here somewhere...

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andrea said...

I'll be praying for Sophia too!

Love you Cat!