Friday, January 25, 2008

The 300 pound woman

Lunch was a chicken burrito. Yum. I slathered it in salsa and Tabasco with just a smidgen of sour cream (yes, the real stuff, and yes, only a TINY dollop). It was spicy...and cheesy...and satisfying...and it was over way too fast.

Before this self-imposed scarcity eating program (not to be confused with my self-imposed scarcity financial program), I would've chowed two or three of those nasty little buggers today for lunch. Instead, I had only one with sensible condiments. Is this how normal people eat? Wow.

Food for me has always meant two things: taste and volume! Comparing what I used to eat with what I'm eating now I'm really surprised, no, shocked that I'm not 300 pounds. Seriously, looking at the before and after serving size comparo, I should be needing the "special scale" at the doctor's office.

Well, it's nice to know that while all the dieting I've been doing over the past four years hasn't paid off in fitting back into my size 8 capris, at least I don't weigh more than my 6'4" XXL husband!

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