Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Scam

So, you're mad at the bank that loaned you the money to overspend on education loans to get a worthless degree?


Let's remember who's at fault.  There are two bodies at which to be mad, but neither is a Big Bank or Financial Institution.

#1 YOU!  You signed the documents.  You initiated the loan.  You assumed the debt.  You are to blame.

#2 UNIVERSITIES!  They came up with worthless degrees that do not correspond with actual workplace jobs.  If your degree comprises the studying of social issues then your chances for working at a competitive wage are not only diminished but may be non-existent.  Companies want real degrees with real purpose.  They want laser beam focus of curriculum related to job duties.  Universities hand out pieces of graduation paper but do not give direction for acquiring post-degree employment.

Let's put the blame where it firmly belongs, with the people doing the most damage: Students taking on enormous debt without thought to how they will pay it off, and Universities designing curriculum with little regard to the actual needs of employers.


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