Sunday, November 27, 2011

NBA: National Billionaire Argument

Let me be clear, I'm not a basketball fan.  I feel any game is only worth watching for the final 3 minutes, and then only if it's close.  My ire rises each March as my favorite news radio shows are shelved in favor of the sound of squeaking rubber shoes and bouncing balls on a wooden floor.  

So, I go into the NBA lockout debacle with at the least a disinterested demeanor.

I just finished reading an article stating that Americans are ticked off at the Billionaires squabbling with Millionaires over dinero.  Really?  In this economy, who would've thunk it?  (That's called sarcasm.)

The jobs lost, the paychecks diminished and the businesses affected by this money showdown display just how self-centered these princesses can be.  I'm personally disgusted that a vendor who relies on NBA games to earn his or her living has to now rely on foodstamps to get through the winter.

The players and owners only thought of themselves.  They never once thought about that man or woman who would suffer great financial setbacks due to the lockout.  They never once thought about that person making single digit percentages of what they make.  They never once thought of anyone but themselves and increasing their own bank accounts.

Ego runs our world.  Ego ruins our world.

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