Monday, November 7, 2011

Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal

If you were an adult in the business world 20+ years ago, then you remember the insanity of "Sexual Harassment."  It was crazy.  If you were a man you remember the fear.  If you were a woman, you remember prickling at every whisper, picture and joke.

I remember what it was like all those years ago in the heady days of sexual harassment allegations against every deep pocket in America.  

We trained staff, we held seminars, we assumed guilt before innocence, and so many top heads, eager to get their names out of the newspaper or off the water cooler radar paid off their "victims" replete with non-disclosure contracts rather than fight their innocence.  All a man had to do was sneeze and a woman desiring a little more spending money could sue and earn her way to a better car, a nicer home or a new wardrobe.  

Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate that the girly calendars and off-color humor were eradicated from the workplace.  However, I also personally know of numerous bogus cases that did damage and resulted in ill-gotten gains.

Herman Cain's "scandal" isn't so much a scandal as it is a time capsule.  How can we continually judge people in the past based on current knowledge?  

Herman Cain may be guilty or may not be guilty of something.  It doesn't matter.  The debate was settled decades ago to everyone's satisfaction, and unless THERE IS A CLEAR PATTERN of bad behavior since, then we need to put this issue to bed.  Um, but not in THAT know.

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