Wednesday, February 16, 2011

God's Will and Pig Farms

While we're dreaming about our life, things keep popping up.  Like owning a business (we did enjoy it before), moving, having hubby work in another industry, and starting a pig farm.

People who know me had to read that sentence twice.  WHAT?!?  Pig farm????

Yes, we're also attracted to organic farming.  I envision a multi-layered farm of organic meats, fish and vegetables. 

I know, we're city folk.  I know, we like to fine dine.  I know, we like to dress up.  I know, hubby owns a nice ride.  I know, we aren't really "get up at the crack of dawn and milk the cows" type of folk. 

But we could be.

We could be anything.  You see, that's how it is with God.  When He is behind you, you can do literally anything, any crazy, hair-brained idea that comes to mind, but with His blessing it makes sense.  It falls into place.  The pieces fit, and while everyone around you is scratching their heads, you just plow straight forward into God's plan.  That's why I don't mind dreaming large.

When I say large, I don't mean grandiose.  I mean endless possibilites with God in the driver seat.  With Him all things are possible. 

When He determined that I would leave my family and home in California and move to North Carolina with my hubby and 18-month-old daughter while I was 6 months pregnant and we had no home in NC, had not sold our home in CA, and I hadn't been in NC in well over a decade I said, "SURE!"  Because that's how it is with God.  When it's God's will, it works regardless of the circumstance.  There is peace and confidence in the decision. 

However, God also placed on our hearts to open a biz, which we could more easily do in NC than in CA.  We used our heads, we had prospects in NC for a biz.  You see, I never once questioned moving across a continent while 6 months pregnant, never once had regret or thought "we shouldn't do this!"  I just went with no looking back.  God's will is always clear, it won't be fuzzy or changeable.

God doesn't want us taking unneccessary risk.  God gave us brains and we need to use them.  Here's the caveat: God doesn't bless us JUST BECAUSE what we're doing is SO noble, SO generous and SO "Christian."  His will cannot be predetermined by our desires to be a good or godly person.  No matter how wonderful and giving our endeavor, we can't MAKE God bless it.  (Even if we think He should.)

We must be discerning in an earthly way to honor God's will for us. If He wants me to own a pig farm and run a pig farm, I know that my business savvy hubby will crunch numbers and if the numbers indicate that we can survive doing it, we can do it.  I know that we will learn the skills necessary to do it.  I know that we already bring things to the table to help us do it.  I know that God will bless our endeavors to do it IF it's His will.

Regardless of the venture, if we--or you, or anyone--can't make money and survive doing it, then it's NOT God's will to support your family, no matter how badly we want to believe it.  While God can make all things happen, He can also communicate His will to us through road blocks.  Not all road blocks are sent by the enemy!  Sometimes God is saying, "yes, child, this is a great thing and you will help many people, but this is not what I want for you."

In the mix of discerning God's will and using our brains, we also must adhere to our own natures and inclinations.  Those are desires He has placed on our hearts. 

Buying a Subway franchise might seem like a good idea, but do you ever wonder why nearly every Subway franchise owner is behind the counter making sandwiches?  If you like making sandwiches, that could be a perfect fit.  But, if you want a business that you can run, and hire people to work the shop, and you don't want to stand behind the counter putting pickles on a sub, then Subway probably isn't the franchise to buy.  

Do I want to slop pigs?  Maybe.  I grew up in Iowa where there are more pigs than people.  Do I want to make Subway sandwiches?  No.  No, I do not.  Do I want to open a prayer house?  Yes, yes I do.  Can I feed my family with my prayer house?  No, no I cannot. 

Unfortunately, at this point in time hubby and I have to expend our energies on endeavors that will put food on our table and a roof over our head.  Maybe down the line I can think of ways to give back like with my prayer house, but for right now we need to eat, sleep and wear clothing.

So, when looking at future endeavors, we need to determine God's will.  We need to figure out what inclinations God has placed on our hearts.  We need to think outside the box, but use our heads.  Then, regardless of circumstance, moving across a continent is an easy thing to do.

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