Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Escalator to Heaven

So, I have given much to God (see prev. post) and I need to give more.

Hubby and I are dreaming.  We just started.  What can our life look like?

When we owned our financial services biz, dreaming was easy.  Dreaming about spending money is always easy.  We'll have this home, this vacation, this car, this "lifestyle."

But, dreaming about a life is different.  We're not dreaming about spending money, we're dreaming about what we look like.  What we do to make money.  What we do as a family.  Who we are as people.  What legacy we think God wants us to leave.

This is different dreaming.  This is harder dreaming.  It also requires a lot more of God's presence in our dreams.  Does God really care what kind of car we drive?  No.  He doesn't care whether we have granite or formica countertops.  He doesn't rate us by the label on our clothing or where we shop for groceries.  We aren't more godly if we shop at Fresh Market or Whole Foods or Food Lion.

Likewise, God doesn't care what we do for a living.  Does He care more about a tailor or a neurosurgeon or a pastor?  Does He rank them?  No.  Pastors or missionaries or church receptionists don't get brownie points with God.  That's earthly thinking.  Not Godly thinking.

Hubby put it into perspective.  There's only one escalator to Heaven and a mass murderer who was saved might be standing next to me.  There's not a gold-covered jewel-encrusted escalator for people who are better, more Godly or lived a better life. 

There's only one, and we'll either be on it, or we won't be.

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SM said...

Lovely thoughts. Never stop dreaming! See you on the escalator!