Monday, November 12, 2007

God's Voice

When you turn to God, He responds. It may not be in the way we anticipate, but His voice can be found if we keep our hearts open.

Recently, I found myself praying for direction, and He kept pointing me toward small, simple things. I wanted Him to open up the universe to me, and yet instead of a phone call from a national media outlet, my daughter would pull me to the couch pleading, "Mama, snuggle with me," or my son would climb into bed with me in the dark morning and warm his chilly hands on my face.

I was looking for God to show me how to change the world, and He kept nudging me into small moments. I still yearn to upend the world with my work, but I am finding peace in the tiny moments that will add up to make the difference in the lives of my children.

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SM said...

I once had the same experience. I came to realize that I might be the one who changes the world... but I might be the MOTHER of the one who changes the world. That's a big responsability, and an honor.