Friday, November 9, 2007

Listening Wives

After depositing the kids to their various schools, my husband and I had a breakfast date. It's a great time to chat, fully awake and with plenty of coffee to ignite the tongue.

Sometimes connecting just means listening, which can be harder for us female types. He actually called me later, apologizing for going on about work while I sat there silently draining another cup. I told him he didn't need to say he sorry. Listening to the man I love is not a chore, and it needs to be required of all wives.

We have to remember that we're not the only ones with problems or issues. We need to keep our tongues still and let our husbands offer pieces of their lives to us. I loved hearing about his thoughts and views without interruption. He needs that safety, space and validation, especially from me, the one who loves him more than anyone except God.

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