Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Purging can be freeing and wildly difficult. 

I'm getting rid of stuff that's become clutter but it's hard.  With many items I have to break the emotional bond I've created with the piece in order to sell it, give it away or simply toss it.  If you're like me, you understand, you have a connection with a coffee cup or a desk or a figurine, and it's real and tangible like a relationship.

With some things they're easy to keep, the desk my grandpa made in the 1920's, or my grandma's chocolate set.  Things I really can't find a place for in my home, but, man, to get rid of them would be pure sacrilege.

Other stuff I just like.  The great lines on a piece of furniture that takes up valuable square footage in my smallish house.  And, some things to which I've just grown accustomed.  They've always been around, and so they will continue to be around.

But, I need to make some major changes.  The liklihood of us moving are dimmer and dimmer.  So, I need to really make this place my home, not just my 5 year house where I store my stuff until we move.  (Which is how I've been living for 8 years now.)

I'm purging.  And, fretting about purging.  And, trying to figure out how to get rid of this stuff that I've accumulated and no longer need or use.  It starts with cutting the emotional bonds I've made with the things.  I need to set them free so I can be free.

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