Monday, April 4, 2011

Biker Dudes and Rich Old Broads

I've always had the ability to befriend just about anyone.  I don't mean that in an egotistical way, I mean I just don't "have a problem" with too many people.  I could be friends with nearly everyone. 

Of course, "nearly everyone" doesn't necessarily want to be friends with me. 

I used to be offended by that, but then I realized that most people have standards.  I don't have many standards when it comes to other people.  I'm fascinated by the differences in all of us.  However, mostly people want to hang out with those who are like them.  They like similarities not differences.

To each his own.  But, I also feel sorry for those people.  I mean, what fun is it to hang out with carbon copies of themselves?  I wouldn't want to spend time with a clone of me.  I'm not that interesting.  Maybe that's why "nearly everyone" doesn't want to be my friend--ha!  And, I'm okay with that, but give me a rich old broad, a biker dude, an uptight accountant and a pitcher of Margs and I'll show you the best night of your life.  

Maybe I--and others like me--are not the abnormal ones.  Maybe if more "nearly everyones" just eased out of their comfort zones and befriended someone totally different than themselves, they'd discover that we're really not so different.

My husband quoted Shakespeare last night (yes, gasp! in and of itself), but I noted that the line he spoke was written over 400 years ago, in English, and it's still true today.  Human experience is universal.  Sure, our packages, our expressions, and our demeanors are different, but we still love, laugh, grieve and seethe.  

Humans are the same wherever they may be, and no one is better than another.  We are on an equal playing field, and if some of our species wants to pretend that they have something that lifts them above others, whether it be race, religion, talents, money, position, power, or whatnot, then they are just lying to themselves. 

We are more alike than we are different.  Go ahead, I'd say to those people, stretch yourself, reach out to others, not to serve them (as in I'm serving the poor), not to experiement with them (as in I'll regard them but not interact with them), but to really see them.


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