Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm training with the American Red Cross in Charlotte this week. Observations...

People with positive attitudes can change the world.

A sad story can send you to your room to sob.

Sitting by the pool in the sun while talking with altruistic peeps is an awesome way to spend lunch or dinner.

Listening to your hubby and kids on the phone is like having the world's best chocolate poured into your ear canal.

Hubby is doing an awesome job at home and is handling some tough situations with fortitude and flair.

My job is not a job, it's a privilege.

Single mothers are saints.

After pooh-poohing them during the opening ceremonies, I've become addicted to watching the Olympics.

Hotel soap always smells better than mine at home. We're talking "white ginger"--don't know, don't care, I just want to hit the tub again.

I promised myself I wouldn't eat any of the mini chocolates from the dish at our table in the training room, but I think, "yeah, riiight," as I pop another Hershey's.

I did work out, but only because a TV is hooked up to the eliptical and I can watch Fox News, but only while I rant and sweat.

Free beer is good. Free beer that comes in pints is good. Free beer that comes in carafes is dangerous. Free beer that doesn't end is deadly.

The young ones head to the hot tub. The old ones head upstairs.

(No need to guess where I am.)

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