Sunday, August 3, 2008

switching roles

So, you already know that Hubby is stay-at-home dad this summer and I'm bringin' home the bacon.

It's been the greatest gift to our marriage and our children.

While I've spent the last 7 years at home with the kiddoes, he's been uber-business man. Now, over temper tantrums, Kung Fu fighting, and soggy PB&J's, he's getting to know our kids intimately and vice versa. Tremendous opportunity for all three.

Hubby and my switching of the shoes has been eye-opening. Our marriage was super before--best friends, partners, parents, lovers, yadda, yadda--and now it's leapt to a whole new level. We have firsthand experience of each other's roles and a newfound respect for the challenges and benefits to each.

He now fully understands that three hours of day camp is really just one errand or a shower, and you have to choose. I know that coming home from work means coming home. I have to turn off the work switch in the driveway before walking through the door.

We are having a rare chance to live each other's lives and it's been incredibly enriching.

We've learned alot...I know why it's difficult to plan an early exit when you have reports due and your boss is asking for a concall at 4:30. He knows why you never, ever, under penalty of death offer dessert until you've checked first to see if you have it. I understand fully the morning longing for bed when the kids have crawled in, but my alarm has harshly told me it's time for a shower, so I must stumble sadly to the bathroom leaving behind three sleeping, warm lumps. Hubby grasps the blissful concept of kid-free grocery shopping, and has learned that active kids need activities.

Mostly, I learned too quickly to get used to a quiet car. He's learned that maybe he can relax.

We'll need to learn more. But for now, it's fun to wear each other's shoes and see how God is molding us into better partners and parents.

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kris said...

You guys inspire me. It's fun to read all about the things you're learning as you see the world from someone else's perspective. We can all benefit from that.