Saturday, May 3, 2008


I've been asked about my blog, why I don't call Hubby and kids by their first names, offer insights into my personal drama, or talk about the zit on my chin (it's there!).  Why I don't open up and reveal my daily life as a wife and mother.  

Well, I could, of course.  I'm not hiding anything, and I certainly don't care about image (though I joke about it enough you just might wonder).  There are blogs for every conceivable idea, and they take many shapes and forms.  Read enough of them and you'll see various personalities exposed and many different reasons for blogging.  I love the myriad of differing blogs in the universe, quite like the diversity of our world.

There are blogs that talk about daily family life, but this is not one of them.

This blog is my philosophy as it's emerging.  It's revolves around my musings and my observations as a person who has lived, really lived, and learned quite a bit from that living, and learned more (and continue to learn) from people much smarter than I.  And, how to put all that together, life experience, God, book smarts, and mentors' teachings, and use the composition of those as a prism to see the world, to change thoughts to change the world.   

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