Sunday, March 9, 2008

Breathing Room

After a roller coaster week of interviewing for the position at my church and meeting with multiple peeps there, shuttling the kids around as usual, gearing up for an all-day training school in Greensboro, and getting back into the swing of routine after a lovely respite down south (I even lost a pound while on vacation!), today, I finally have time to breathe.


So, I didn't get the position at my church. And, I'm................relieved. This is why I love my church: they didn't hire me, not because I couldn't totally rock in the job, but because after two years of duty they feel I wouldn't be fulfilled by it.

And, they're right. Darn it.

I would love to work at the coolest church on the planet. It would be awesome to be surrounded by these godly, creative, intelligent people--hey, maybe some of it would even rub off on me!

But, it's just not right. It's not the right time, it's not the right season of life, it's not the right job.

I was asked: if the First Impressions Director position and the Communications Director position (a job yet to exist) were on the table, which one would I choose? I didn't even hesitate before answering, "Communications Director hands down." And, two years later, I would still be challenged and fulfilled by that role.

Someday, it might be a possibility. Who knows what the next year will bring for me, my family, or my church? (Well, God does, but the rest of us just have to keep trusting that He knows best.)

Today, I'm just glad to spend these warming days of spring chauffeuring my kids to and from schools and activities, and looking forward to a long summer poolside in the sweltering Carolina heat. We have travel plans to see friends and family, and more trips to Grampa's and Gramma's Beach House--with and without G&G. We have plans to take day-trips on Saturdays to local historic sites or the zoo, and spend Sunday afternoons snoozing on the couch. We have plans to make more time for family and friends and less time for working nights and weekends. We have plans that don't have me working a part-time job at church, but immersing myself in a full-time one at home.

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kris said...

Cat--I just spent the last few minutes catching up and reading all of your posts. I love your blog. It inspires me. . .makes me think. . .and laugh.