Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One Nation, Indivisible

Reading the President's Inaugural Address this morning, I am saddened that the Left/Liberals/Democrats have demonized us Right/Conservatives/Republican/Libertarians as the front line in their their political rallying cry so greatly that they cannot see that we stand for the same principles of fairness, justice, racial harmony, economic opportunity and love of country as so evident in the speech.  There is so much hatred and name calling from both sides, that we fail to see we are ALL Americans, and want pretty much the same thing: life, liberty and the pursuit (but not promise) of happiness.  When we take a group of people (Right or Left) and stereotype them, speak filth about them, tell lies about them, name call and laugh at them, we show how petty and small we really are...this nation is better than that.  I don't know how all this acrimony can be abated, but my prayer is that it will, and maybe we can find common ground.  I hope for a day when a Democrat and a Republican walk into a bar together and it's not the beginning of some sick joke, but the beginning of a friendship.  

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