Monday, December 17, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

A boarding school chum of mine is a school librarian, and a first grader hunted her down today...this is what transpired...

I was at my desk in the hallway (Yes, we have a Hallbrary not a Library) and a first grade student walked by and stopped to share the following:

Student: “Mrs. Cimmino, I was looking for you”

Me: “Here I am”

Student: “Did you hear about the kids that were hurt at their school?”

Me: “Yes, I did”

Student: “Well, I was thinking the other kids must be really sad and when you read that Amelia Bedelia book to us it was really funny and made us laugh so maybe you could go read the book to them and it might make them laugh and forget they are sad”.

Me: “I think that is a wonderful idea but the school is far away.”

Student: “Maybe you could send them the book. Could you send them the book?”.

Me: “I tell you what, I will send them the book and I will tell them that it is from our students to theirs.”

Student.”Will you do it today?’.

Me: “I will do it today.”

Student: “Cool”

And he walked away smiling.

And suddenly I felt better.

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