Monday, August 13, 2012

Election Prayer

Here's what I posted on my Facebook status update this morning....I am not going to post any more political messages until the election.  Every time I want to post something political, I will pray to God.  I will pray to Him to work within us Americans, so that the outcome of Nov. 6 will create a America that will be a leader and a healer of less-fortunate nations, a symbol of freedom to the shackled world, and a giver of hope to the hopeless.  If America isn't a dominate world leader, we cannot effectively help others.  We cannot offer freedom, hope or goodness to ourselves let alone any foreign people.  We must be the best country in the world, because our dollars equate food, medicine and shelter to millions in the far reaches of the earth.  We offer immigrants freedom from oppressive governments and religious tyranny, and in that freedom is opportunity and a chance at a better life, not for us, but for those who have not been as blessed.  I feel each one of us should pray for that kind of America, one that creates blessings and opportunities for others so that we can satisfactorily rest at the end of the day knowing we did everything we could to reach out to the world and leave it a better place.  I pray the election of Nov. 6 will provide that kind of America, what can be a gift not only to our individual freedoms and pursuits of happiness, but those of the entire world.  Please God, help our country become one that focuses on helping other nations.       

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