Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lunch Police

A 4-year-old girl had her homemade lunch taken away when a State Agent deemed the lunch did not follow USDA guidelines for a nutritious lunch.  As a more nutritious alternative, the school provided her with a tray lunch and presented her parents with a bill for it.

The homemade lunch?  Turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice.  (Sounds like a really healthy lunch to me!)

The Tray lunch?  We're not sure of the entire contents, but the girl ONLY ate 3 chicken nuggets off of it.  

Hmmmm.  Only our government would believe that processed, fried, white-flour laden chicken bits are healthier than freshly made from love and scratch sandwich and fruit.

When we live in a country where State Agents are inspecting homemade lunches and passing judgment, we have lost all freedom from tyranny. This lunacy MUST end.

Here's why this should bother you regardless of where your children eat or if you even have children: this incident is but a milestone on our slippery slope to a police state. Get rid of God, make sure no being is above government. Get rid of parents, make sure no one but government influences children. Get rid of free markets, make sure everyone is dependent upon government. 

If TSA, DHHS and the DMV are indicative of government solutions, then you can predict our future, America. Too bad so many people forget (or never knew!) what communist Russia was like. A trip down memory lane would be in order. Communism and Socialism do not work because governments don't work. You cannot get something for nothing no matter how beautifully you wrap it. It's still a shell game and we'll be the losers.

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