Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arizona Shooting is the Haiti Earthquake Part Two

Theme: Giving to others might not come in the package we intend, so we have to change our idea of how to give.

So, the Lefties say the Righties are to blame, and the Righties say the Lefties are to blame for blaming the Righties.  To me, the AZ shooting had nothing to do with politics so I don't know how any one of them can insert themselves into the sadness.

But, wait!  I do know.

Here's what's going on: EGO!  Yes, ego.  The egos of the Righties and Lefties and Nutjobs are what is driving this insipid political posturing. 

In Arizona they have found a tragedy to exploit to their own benefit.  They harumph, pontificate and incite to appear as if they are "concerned," "caring" and "righteous" but in reality, their words are merely noise, blather to shine their faces in the spotlight and garner a little bit of attention that their egos lap up like kitten milk.

It's like the Haiti earthquake all over again. 

I was working for the Red Cross at the time setting up blood drives.  We couldn't say that the blood we collected was going to help Haiti victims, but in NC we all knew that FL was sending blood to Haiti and we in NC were sending blood to FL to make up for the loss.  We were on appeal for blood, and really pushed getting those extra pints in, extra pints we knew were greatly needed both locally and globally.

BUT, I can't tell you how many people wanted to set up a blood drive "for Haiti."  I told them I couldn't do it.  We couldn't promise that the blood would go to Haiti. 

As I was taking appointments for one drive, a man came up to me.

"I want to make sure my blood is going to Haiti."

"I can't promise that, we need blood everywhere, not just Haiti."

"Then I'm not giving."  And he walked away.

Um, okay dude.

Another potential blood donor, a gal asked me, "Can't you just send my blood to Haiti?  I can't give in the States, but if my blood just goes to Haiti, then it will be okay, right?"

Um, no.   

Of the myriad of things going through my mind, the first was picturing a healthy Haitian baby contracting a disease from the deferred blood donor. 

I understand that people want to help, I understand that people want to give, but when it doesn't come in the package they intend, instead of changing their outlook on how they can help, they walk.  That's ego-giving, not giving.     

When people make it about themselves, even for the good of others, then God isn't working in us.  When our egos drive our ambitions, even when we appear magnanimous, then it's not really touching other lives in the way God intends.

We have to be careful of our motives.  Our motives are the true barometer of our hearts, and when we act to satisfy our own egos then we fail to act for God.


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