Saturday, September 6, 2008

gender and politics

So, Hillary Clinton was right.  I see it now because I've seen it from the other side.  Sarah Palin is getting it.  And, it's surreal.

Sexism is alive and well, and nurtured in the media.  I wouldn't have believe it.  Until I looked closely.  

Would anyone ask Sen. Biden what suit he planned on wearing to the convention?  Would anyone question whether Sen. Obama could parent his young children effectively if he ran for the White House?  Would anyone ask for a DNA test from Sen. McCain to prove his biological children are his?  Would anyone question the leadership ability of a man if his children got into trouble?  Has CNN or Fox News spent any amount of time on the hair styles, foot wear and accessories of the candidates who aren't women?  Has anyone noticed the weight gains or losses of the men in the race?

Hill-Dog and Barracuda are the most recent women politicians striving to have their ideas captured by the cameras pointing primarily to their tailored suits, latest coiffure, and trendy glasses.

That said, doesn't Palin look hot?!  (I know, I just lost all credibility for this post.  However, you will notice my new glasses in a few weeks...)

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